Adult Acne is different from Teen Acne, IT requires Different Solution

Acne can appear anywhere on your body due to different reasons. People get offended when it’s usually on the face because it’s not nice looking and makes people worried about it. Acne is chronic and considered an inflammatory skin condition. Acne is of different type’s e.g.

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pimples
  • Cysts
  • Nodules

All of these skin problems are common when you hit puberty and get oily skin. Most of the adult go through these skin problems as well. All those people who think that they are the only ones in this they should know that they are not. There are millions of people in the world who are going through this problem.


It usually starts when puberty hits you about 85% of the population face this problem between the age span of 12-24. After 24 it happens because of some hormonal conditions which strip your skin. Also when bacteria on the skin and fatty within the oil gland cause acne in facial pores when acne occurs it stops the follicular pores on the face with dead skin cells which becomes darker with the time. Especially the following reasons are on its peak

  • When follicles are producing more oil than normally
  • Sometimes the dead skins start accumulating in your pores
  • The bacteria start gathering in your pores

These following problems help the creation of a pimple.

How it starts developing in adults

At the time when hormonal changes are on its peak maybe because of puberty and some highlighted and major reasons are.

  • Change in hormones because of pregnancy and puberty
  • Intake of medicines like birth control pills and other corticosteroids
  • Also with the high level of consumption of carbohydrates and sugar
  • Sometimes it’s also inherited

Unhealthy Diet plays a part

The oily food especially the fried one is the major cause for this e.g.

  • Burgers
  • Fires
  • Fish
  • Fried chicken

Different ways to deal with acne

Care for your acne from the initial stages can save you from so many issues. You can start it even from home such as.

  • Wash your face with Skin Cleanser Products
  • also, keep the clean hair so they don’t transfer the germs when they fall on your skin
  • don’t try to pop out the pimple or squeeze it
  • don’t touch your face especially with your dirty hands

There are many anti-inflammatory skin products available in the market which can help you treat sensitive skin.

What to do for leftover acne scars

Some of the active breaks out will lead to leaving the scars. Skin the specialist will treat the acne scars according to the scar shape of the pimple there are different types of shapes e.g.

  • Boxcar
  • Ice pick
  • Rolling

You can also, adopt some home remedies to cure pimple scars

You can cure the pimple scars by getting some material from the chemist shop and save thousands of bugs from the doctors. The Salicylic acids occur on your skin naturally and heal your skin. It helps in reducing the swelling and redness on your skin. Some vitamins which can help you are the followings

  • Retinoids they help in epithelial cell growth
  • Alpha-hydroxy will help you to get rid of dead skins
  • Lactic acid will help to smooth the skin texture


 There are some certified organic face products available in the market that you guys can try as well. This organic skin product mostly has coconut oil in them.

Natural remedies are the best

You can avoid pimple from at the early stages with the help of regular care. E.g

  • Aloe Vera helps in killing skin bacteria
  • Honey with reducing inflammation on your skin caused by the dirt
  • Cinnamon face the best for clearing acne and acne marks

Avoid these two products

Look marvelous and putting forth various attempts to have that wow factor in them. Impurity effects our skin seriously which brings about you may effectively affect facial skin. As an adolescent hits you various sorts of hormones changing occur in your body which requests inner and outer consideration both.

Never attempt to try different things with your skin it tends to be hurtful and may lead you under blades. Simply remain quiet and follow a couple of well being tips to gleam each day.

Some remedies can give you side effects because they come with highly reactive properties. E.g

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice

Hire some professional

Awareness is fundamental to all of us. You can never have the perfect idea of your skin type till you don't meet a specialist you will become acquainted with about your hypersensitivities and safety measure you have to do during the time spent skincare action.

You may get an opportunity to have some skin diseases with age which must be known whether you counsel a dermatologist for a safe side. Life turns out to be simple and you can evade some serious skin problems. You can eliminate all these skin problems in the future by taking some simple changes in your daily routine.

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