Natural ingredient products are always better than synthetic products

How many times we heard a complaint that a beauty product has produced side effects on its user. In the advertisement, the companies provide all the information on skincare benefits that these products will provide. But, what they don’t disclose that these products contain some ingredients that can cause side effects on your skin at certain conditions.     

Our skin is made up of delicate tissues and with aging, these tissues get weaker under the harsh condition of weather and sun rays. These can call for a change in your skincare routine and you feel the need of using skincare products. These industrially generated skin products have different ingredients which sometimes put harmful effects on your skin instead of healing it.

Ingredients that can harm your skin

Body and Skincare products are made up of many chemicals and many of them are clinically reputed as the cause of different skin diseases. On the other hand, these products don't do any serious help to improve your skin condition. It is scientifically proven that your skin absorbs whatever you put on it. So, it is your duty to make sure that you are feeding your skin healthy. Skin cells work just like your body and need nutrition to stay glowing and active. So, keep them away from skin products that have these ingredients in them.

  1. Synthetic fragrance

Many of these industrially manufactured skincare products have synthetic fragrances to make them smell nice. These synthetic fragrances can create itching and irritation on your skin due to their intense chemical formula. Although there are no serious effect or long term effects has been noticed due to this ingredient. Still, it is harmful to your skin.

  1. Avoid products with Alcohol

There are multiple skincare products that have alcohol in them which makes your skin dry. Alcohol interaction on your skin can lead to dehydrated skin and remove moisture from it. Moisture is the only substance which helps our skin to remove wrinkle. So, Avoid skincare products with alcohol to maintain moistures in your skin.

  1. Petroleum or mineral oil 

These ingredients are the leftover that comes from the making of crude oil. Products with these ingredients are used to moisturize your skin but they also lock pores of your skin which leads to its suffocation. It stops your body to release toxins. Your body needs to remove toxins to maintain smoothness and complexion.

  1. Sodium Laureth

Other than these 3 there are several other ingredients that you guys need to stay away from like Sodium Laureth.  This ingredient is used in skin cleansing products and also as a chemical for the floor cleaners. It can screwup the hormones of your skin.

Skin products that are harmless

There are many natural ingredients that don't produce any harmful effect on our skin and they are also known as the ingredients of skincare philosophy. According to this philosophy, there are some serious ingredients that boost the health of your skin and feed it with antioxidants. These ingredients will not only moisturize your skin but also boost the collagen amount in your skin as well. 

  1. Functional Keratine

This ingredient is founded in Cynergy TK and helps to boost the smoothness of your skin by increasing collagen in it.

  1. Vitamin C

This is another ingredient that is found naturally anywhere and can be used to increase the moisture of your skin. There is multiple natural Vitamin C Serum available in the market that you can guys use.

  1. Phytessence Wakame

It is another natural ingredient that can be found in fruits, vegetables, and other natural products. This acts as the best natural anti-aging product on your skin and keeps it firm and glowy.

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