Using Only One Skincare Product

If I Had To Use Only One Skincare Product, What Would It Be? 

If I were to travel, or be stranded on an island, or somehow end up in North Korea similar to Yoon Seri from Crash Landing On You, what skincare product will I take? 

I just finished the popular Korean TV drama Crash Landing On You. It’s a romantic comedy-drama about a woman who went paragliding and landed in North Korea and fell in love with a North Korean soldier. The main female lead requested a skincare product and he brought her an ampoule. 



This got me thinking. If I had to use only one skincare product, what would it be? 


I thought long and hard about this. Therefore, I started eliminating skincare products. 

  • A cleanser is a necessity, but my skin will be dry. 
  • A toner is a must for skin hydration. 
  • An essence is good, but I still prefer my toner
  • An emulsion is a thicker consistency, but lighter than a lotion. 
  • Sheet masks! I love my sheet masks! It does everything in my opinion. 
  • Serum, ampoule, oils are all good to use on the face, body, and hairs. 
  • Lotion and eye cream can go a long way. 

Choosing one product is difficult. In conclusion, I chose a toner/essence duo. 

The two products that come to my mind is the Son & Park Beauty Water

And Naruko La Creme Face Renewal Miracle Essence.

If I were to travel or be stranded on an island, I will bring with me either product. 

Why? Both products can be used as cleansing water and toner andvery light lotion. 

So now, it’s your turn. If you had to use only one product, what would it be?

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