Drama Merchandise

Korean Dramas are one of the most dreamy dramas produced. If you are a die-hard fan of Korean dramas than it is inevitable that you wanted Korean drama merchandise ponce in your life.  These Drama Merchandise are a perfect way to satisfy your inner fanboy\fangirl. If you desire to own such stuff Meeniful is the best platform for you.

Here at Meeniful you will find a wide collection of Korean drama merchandise. You can buy this Drama Merchandise directly from our website online.

"A Korean Odyssey" Monkey King Bracelet $5.99 View Detail
"A Korean Odyssey" Monkey Plush Toy $20.99 View Detail
"Because This Is My First Life" Snail Plush Toy $26.49 View Detail
"Goblin" Mr. Buckwheat Plush Toy $15.99 View Detail
"Legend Of The Blue Sea" Octopus Plush Toy $15.99 View Detail
"Love In The Moonlight" Destiny Couple Bracelet $45.99 View Detail
"What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?" Cow Plush Toy $15.99 View Detail
"You're Beautiful" Pig Rabbit Plush Toy $20.99 View Detail